Mother's Day with IbA!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  We thought it would be fitting to honour the person that literally none of us would be here without - our moms!  We capture mothers in so many different capacities and thought we would highlight just a few here! 

People come to us saying that they love how we always catch the moments - nothing is too big or too little.  The key thing to remember is that we can only catch moments if there ARE moments to catch.  Many times, key people in a wedding are so stressed about timings and logistics that they forget to truly engage in the actual day and trust me, the stress shows in photos!  So if you or someone you love is getting married some time soon, share this with the mother in their life!  Telling them that they should have nice photos is one thing but SHOWING them what they can have will inspire them to be more present in the moment. Make them see that on the wedding day, they need to stress a little less about why the wedding band is running late or ensuring Anjali Aunty & Priya Aunty are at separate tables at the reception.  Ask them to be aware of the day, and to remember the little one that they raised, who is all grown up now 😢.  Doing this will ensure emotional photos filled with smiles, tears, and a true connection! 

Whoever the mother is in your life - cherish them, love them, show them how much they mean to you - not only today but each and every day!  (but maybe throw in a nice little spa package at some point this week 😉)

Hope you enjoyed this set!  Let’s talk in the comments below! 

What is your favourite image from this set?  Any of my other mother-related photos that you’ve seen and loved that I missed? (It was a tough culling process!) 

Any tips/advice for getting great mom photos at weddings?  

What are you up to for Mother’s Day?  (I’ll start: I’m working! 📸 and then Game of Thrones Episode 5!  🐉 Will be taking all the moms out for dinner at some point this week! 🍽)


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