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Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location: Central London
Pricing: £350

Course Summary

My aim is to help my students see “photographically”.  By taking you on a journey of creating a photograph from start to finish, my hope is that you will be able to see a composition in front of you and to provide you with the necessary skills you need to capture it. I will impart to you the fundamentals of photography, have both an indoor and outdoor collaborative shooting session, and show you how to enhance your images in the editing process.  We will go over portrait and candid photography and I will teach you the skills that will stylistically capture the emotions and memories of an important time in a couple’s life. 


High-Level Outline

Shooting Fundamentals

The day will start with a teaching portion where we will go over the fundamentals and basics of shooting, posing, and light.  We will cover theory behind composition, and considerations when deciding equipment for any given shot.  I will go over the technical aspects that we will put into practice later on in the day. 

Indoor/ Outdoor Shooting

You will learn the best way to pose your subjects, and communicate clearly to them so they are comfortable in front of the camera.   Students will learn how to use and create light in any environment – both in favourable and unfavourable scenarios; and will learn using both continuous light and flash light. 


We will cover how to enhance your images in Lightroom and Photoshop.  You will learn how to improve the tone, colour and fine details of your photos.  We will cover colour correcting, dodging and burning, and maximizing key tools in both Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Student Requirements

On the day of the workshop, you will be required to bring:

- Camera Body
- One wide-angle lens
- Another lens, 50mm or longer
- Laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom



Admission fees include morning refreshments and a hot lunch. 

After the workshop, there is an open invite for all students to join me for dinner and drinks.  There, you can feel free to pick my brain, ask questions, or we can just sit back and have a drink 😊.

After filling out the registration form, you will receive an e-mail regarding the payment process.  Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Your spot is only confirmed after:
1) A registration form is filled out below
2) Your payment is sent
3) You receive a confirmation e-mail from us

If you have any questions about the workshop, please e-mail BEFORE registering.  There are absolutely no refunds. 


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