Father's Day with IbA!

Happy Father’s Day!!! We’re here to honour the one that brings smiles to our faces, strength in our hearts, and the best sense of humour with their dad jokes. We love how present dads are at the wedding whether it’s with smiles or tears. Cherish all of the fathers in your life! Couples, if you are getting married in the near future, share this set with your parents so they can be inspired by what their photos can look like for your wedding!

Bonus Image (not taken by me): Here’s a snap of my wife, Tanya, with my amazing father-in-law on the dance floor at our reception. Be free and have fun!

Photo Credit: Shannon T. Boodram

Photo Credit: Shannon T. Boodram

Hope you enjoyed this set!  Let’s talk in the comments below! 

What is your favourite image from this set?  Any of my other father-related photos that you’ve seen and loved that I missed? (It was a tough culling process!) Any tips/advice for getting great dad photos at weddings?  What are you up to for Father’s Day? 

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