Another SLR Lounge Award in the Books!

Hey folks!  

It seems like it's a good week to be Impressions by Annuj - a Fearless Photo of the Day, my first MyWed Award, and now another SLR Lounge Award under my belt.  It's great to be recognized by such acclaimed institutions in the industry!  

This photo did so well on my Instagram - I think it's just about catching that moment that you might have missed or not remembered quite right.  Guests loved seeing what they might not have been around for :)  

I posted this on IG in B&W but then decided to go B&W for SLR Lounge.  It's really hard to go B&W for South Asian weddings - there's so much beauty involved in all of the bold colour that is encompassed in their events that it's heartbreaking to let that go.  I get asked all the time by other photographers how I go about deciding when to go B&W but it really depends on the photo.  I think when there is a moment, or a lot of emotion coming out in an image, I want the focus to be directed to that and not distract a viewer with the colours so I might lean more towards the B&W.  Otherwise, it breaks my heart to take the colour out!  


Let me know what you think in the comments below! 



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